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Hot surface igniters: faster - hotter - more efficient...

For several years now the leading European manufacturers of wood pellet stoves have relied on the high energy-efficient pellet stove igniters of Rauschert GmbH. The tubular ceramic heaters ignite wood pellets steadily within 1 - 2 minutes with only 170 watts.

Now the company also offers special igniters for challenging appliances: Due to the optimized geometry of the new “star-shaped igniters“ the ignition air is heated up even more and reaches temperatures above 800°C – with less than 200 watts. These new types of igniters are used in applications where “standard-igniters” cannot ignite the solid fuel fast enough, e.g. with wood chips and similar solid fuels. Furthermore igniters with increased power (up to 300 watts) are now in range.

At the Interpellets trade fair in Stuttgart the company presents these and other new developments, such as hot surface igniters, which operate with 120 volts and have been developed for the North American market. Visitors can experience the hot surface igniters in action!

Rauschert hot surface igniter

You can find further information at the product page:
Hot surface igniters and pellet stove igniters

Your contact partner for pellet stove igniters:

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